National Novel Writing Month

Synopsis: David’s world

David was a young man of twenty-four years old, who was in trouble
with his family as he got expelled of Harvard University where he was
supposed to graduate in Medicine. However, his friendships made his
mind to take him to an obscure way which it is not possible to know how
it could end… There is no positive perspective for him so far. He is
back home with an wild air going around that family when something
unexpected gave him a hope…

Excerpt: David’s world

When David woke up that morning, as Steven was already waiting for him hours before, he just jumped out of the bed and got his way so their plan could still work. Well, the one thing he didn’t pay attention perhaps would blow it all up. He forgot to tell his sister to do not take the car that day, so he went to the garage and felt like the worse person in the world. How could he be so stupid?

Anyway, it was not time to give up. He ran as fast as he could through all streets, avenues and got there in record time. Steven was mad, with a red face and yelling to David that this time we will be killed, asswhole! You know who they are, they have got no compassion in their values, you know that. And he wondered how come tha shit boy could be such an irresponsible when it is all about life or death.

Steven was more realistic and had a mature personality as he had to survive his mother’s death when he was only ten years old and his father abandoned them and he was indifferent and also acoholic. So the was left with his grandparents since he was a little child. However, life was not good to him ever since. He lived in a dangerous neighborhood with some gangs dealling with tough drugs.

One day the grand gang was passing through the streets with a bad humour cause their baseball team had lost, so they were very mean and getting small kids to make them cry just to pass their time and lagh. Steven was not born for luck, so he really had to meet this gang on the way back from the market to his house. Well, he was not a small child however he was one and they were six. Good enough, hey?

Guess what he started to do at that very moment: no , you would never know. He started to pray, that big young man on his knees saying:

« God, I have sinned! I regret so much and I would be grateful to feel you again, nearby, I will not ask anything, I just want to stay next to you and try to make your will be mine. I do not even need to know what it is, I accept cause I decided to trust nothing but you, my lord. Pure love God! My dear king! I will be awaire and give my tender  as you supported me and wolked with me through all of this amazing and singular journey. My very best friend, I do appologise for all stupid words I have said and the wrong ways I have taken. My heard bleeds, my legs tremble, my soul is yours, and my life or death too.

Would you ever imagine that? The six big boysjust stood astonished whith all that and

3 Réponses to “nanowrimo09”

  1. Shenelle Says:

    Hey everyone. I’m hoping to meet new friends here so drop me a note when you
    get a chance.

    I hope to make some quality posts soon but first I have to look around the forum and
    familiarize myself with everyone and the forum.

    Bye for now. lol


    Biggest Loser of All Time

  2. BassMan Says:

    Hello, as you can see this is my first post here.
    Hope to get some help from you if I will have some quesitons.
    Thanks and good luck everyone! 😉


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